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Tony Auffret

How do you become a thriller writer?  By training and profession I have been a scientist, initially in academia then subsequently in industry.   A career that has not been remote from writing but it has been intelligent rather than creative writing.

So why change?

In the 1990s I worked in a small biotech start-up on the Cambridge Science Park.  Let me just say that some interesting things happened.  Events and occurrences that I always felt would have the makings of a good story one day.  That day has come.

The Tufton Street Saga

The saga began with 'The Death of a Smoker'.   Described as 'an  intellectual cat-and-mouse game, layered upon the proclivities of British scientists, spies, and spy masters'.


 'Unsavoury Business' sees Harry Nevile and his team facing a new threat.  'Tantalising the most clued up fans of the genre.'

Latest Blog:  June, 2023.

 Old Man Writes Another Book

In which I contemplate the unexpected difficulties in promoting a second novel and decide that, perhaps, I just need a jingle

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Colorful Books
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