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New Blog:  March 2024
Trapped in the Real World.  
Why I Envy Fantasy/Horror Novelists.

Writing a novel based on who knew what and when can be tricky.  Set it thirty years in the past and try to remember what state of the art technology really was, makes it even more difficult.  Better to create a fantasy/supernatural world where the laws of the universe are yours to play with?

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How do you become a thriller writer?  

By training and profession I have been a scientist, initially in academia then subsequently in industry.   A career that has not been remote from writing but it has been intelligent rather than creative writing.

So why change?

In the 1990s I worked in a small biotech start-up on the Cambridge Science Park.  Let me just say that some interesting things happened.  Events and occurrences that I always felt would have the makings of a good story one day.  That day has come.

The Tufton Street Saga

The saga began with 'The Death of a Smoker'.   Described as 'an  intellectual cat-and-mouse game, layered upon the proclivities of British scientists, spies, and spy masters'.


 'Unsavoury Business' sees Harry Nevile and his team facing a new threat.  'Tantalising the most clued up fans of the genre.'

Colorful Books
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